Thursday, March 17, 2011

Incident at Sailor Jack

This is probably the largest illustrator/photoshop painting I have attempted. The original file is 50 cms square at 300 DPI. This incident between the eagle and sheep happened the first day of my three month stay on a remote farm at Sailor Jack on the NSW/Queensland border. The sheep ended up all right.

Here is a detail.

Digital Surfing Prints

Here are some surfing pictures I have been painting in photoshop using a wide range of brushes.

Here is a detail showing some of the textures and brushes used.

Here you can see how I used a (slightly warped) golden mean to position the focal point of the picture.

A detail from the same painting.

This diagonal wipeout didn't make the final cut.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dylan Portrait

Well, I have been doing a bunch of different stuff towards a Bob Dylan portrait but still not sure which direction the final will take.

The black and white version evolved from a large pen and brush ink-drawing and an acrylic painting. I enjoyed using Ben-Day dots to add tone, here is an almost finished coloured version.