Saturday, November 26, 2011

Secret Project

Here is a sneak peek at something I have been working on, a self initiated illustration project. Part of a double sided board game idea.

More to come on this...

Slight deviation

Yeah I know, it's been a while between posts, but I have been busy learning 3D software and doing tutorials and the like. The end result of someone else's tutorial isn't really the sort of thing you want to be posting on your own site.

Anyway I have a bunch of images from the last two months so I will try and get them up over the next week.

Here is some thing I have thinking about a bit. I grew up near the deviation in Geelong and it dominates the view from my parents house. Compare this recent shot to the one at the top which was taken way back in 1866.

I used to paint and draw it a lot back in the early 90's but haven't since then. A friend wants an acrylic on canvas painting but I have been enjoying doing it digitally. It is actually more dramatic than it looks in the photos so I wanted to push that as much as I could.

Started out in situ doing a few quick sketches and scanning those before trying a bunch of colour combinations.


Colour roughs

A more finished rough

And a detail...

I have to make several alterations, the evening sky was a late addition and I will need to change the colour of the hills and trees to reflect that. I want to rework the foreground and then think about pulling out the old paints and brushes and getting down to the real work...
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