Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Scott Patton Zbrush giant tutorial

This is a great tutorial - 3D Character Design Volume one.

I am only into the early stages but learning heaps from Scott Patton in this Gnomon tutorial. It really explains the process of making a creature using Zbrush.  Yeah I know it looks a bit silly at this point but wait till I get him properly posed and proportioned.

Lot of good tips and tricks. Still got a long way to go so I will post updates as they are done...

Jose Da Silva Zbrush tutorial

I have been working through some tutorials for Zbrush and Cinema 4D.
This first one is a drinking armadillo. It was from a great tutorial by Jose Da Silva  and was mostly done in Zbrush, with the bottle being made and rendered in Cinema 4D. Still has a long way to go with the high detail texturing of the skin and better painting, but I have learnt a lot from it so far.