Friday, August 31, 2012

Another vector portrait

Howdy and Hi,

yeah, it has been a while between posts but that is because I have been busy.

I landed a 6 week job at Iloura as a matte painter for a feature film, which was exciting. I can't say much about it until the film comes out later in the year. Well I could at least tell you that it is set in Tokyo at the very end of WWII and is called "Emperor." I was amazed at the crew that Iloura has put together and how much it had changed since I last worked there 15 years ago!

I have also been trying to get an idea for a business off the ground with my brother Simon. A lot more about that soon...

Anyway I found this vector that I did a while ago and realised that it was another of the saw-tooth portraits (as seen in my last post) so here is another one, well two versions, because I can't decide which colourway I like.